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An interview with Sammy Rogers

Not only does he power his house and car with his very own backyard powerplant, he gets a check from the power company for hundreds every month!

How One Man Sells Electricity To the Power Company



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Tata Nano driven by

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Solar power is likely to be the most valuable of the renewable energy sources available. That is because it is plentiful and it is the least expensive to implement. New buildings can be built that incorporate the concepts as can homes. There are also solar panels that can be added to what is already in place.

That way you can take any home or business and modify it to use solar power with. They can be expensive but you will find that they can be a very good investment. If you own an apartment building with the electricity included in the rent this can help to reduce your overhead expenses. In a couple of years the process will pay for itself.

This process involves placing collectors and panels that will be in places where the sun will reach such as the roof. The process of converting what is collected into energy is known as photovoltaics. In order to make this happen, silicon is used to transform it.

The concept of solar power has also found its way to vehicles. They have cells that capture energy from the sun to provide movement for the vehicle. The advanced design allows that energy to be continually conserved too such as when you come to a stoplight.

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Building a Home Made Solar Panel

Seems more and more people are “Going Green” for a variety of reasons from saving money to saving the environment. Solar panels can be pricey but you can Build Solar Panels for only $98. Homemade solar panels are easy with this step by step video and DIY Solar Panels kit. Renewable energy is cheap when you do it yourself.

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This solar panel system with lights is inexpensive, easy to install and will reduce your power bill.

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Part 2

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The Nissan Leaf – VIDEO

Nissan is planning to introduce the Leaf in 2010, a 4-5 seat, 100 mile range, pure-electric hatchback, and under $30k.

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Electric vehicles; although they are not being produced in significant numbers yet, Obama wants to add a million EV cars to the roads by 2015 and some places are preparing. Raleigh, NC is just one of the three US cities involved in “Project Get Ready,” a program to install a number of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city.

Partnering with Progress Energy and Advanced Energy, Raleigh is paying for the cost of the installation on city property while Progress Energy is paying for the 8 charing stations themselves, the majority of the initial stations which will be located in the city’s parking garages downtown and near N.C. State University at a cost of $1000-$4000 each.

The stations are meant to prepare Raleigh for a time when electric plug-in and hybrid-electric cars are being driven by a significant percentage of drivers. Drivers will be able to use their credit card to access the stations and pay about 2.5 cents per mile to recharge their vehicle, [Mayor Charles] Meeker said. (NewsObserver)

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GMs New Powerbase – China – VIDEO

Part of GM’s post-bankruptcy restructuring that few people have yet to notice, is a sweeping move to China.  While it’s Canadian and Mexican operations still report through North American, the rest of the world’s operation report through Asia.

“It should signal to everybody that certainly North America is going to be important to righting the ship, but basically the bread is going to be buttered out of Asia,” said Michael Robinet, vice president of global vehicle forecasts at CSM Worldwide. “GM fully understands that, and that’s the reason why they put more decision-making capability out of Asia for their future fortunes.”

GM sales in the US this year are down 37.7% to 1.1 million while sales in China are skyrocketing.

GM’s July sales in China through its joint ventures increased 77.7% to 144,593, which the company says makes it the best July ever in its books. For the first seven months of the year, GM’s China sales were up 42.8% to 959,035, according to GM.

In early August, GM celebrated the sale of its 1 millionth vehicle in China this year — a man named Ye Banjun purchased a silver Buick LaCrosse — with a giant cake.

“Asia is the shining jewel that they have,” George Magliano, an industry expert at IHS Global Insight, said of GM.

“If you look at GM going forward, they are a smaller company, they are more refocused. If they turn themselves around and they have resources … to put behind things, it’s going to be China and Asia.” (

“So far, China’s growth has exceeded anything anybody thought possible,” Mike DiGiovanni, GM’s executive director of global market and industry analysis, said in July.

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